Monday, April 22, 2013

The Next Chapter: A Book-Themed Party for 19 Librarians

Pin It In my daytime life, I work for my city's library system (and I am so proud of our library). Our city recently offered a retirement incentive, and as a result, we ended up with 19 folks retiring at once. The administration wanted to have one special send-off to commemorate their 590+ combined years of service, and I was all too happy to volunteer for the job.

"The Next Chapter" seemed like the perfect theme to encapsulate the event, the institution, and the employees' dedication to the library. It seemed a natural choice to make the decorations out of book pages not only because of the obvious library-books connection, but also because the materials were free. We have to constantly discard old and outdated books at the library, so I just rummaged through a box that was headed to the recycling plant and grabbed some books that had large-ish pages and nice-colored paper. I used the books (and a ton of hot glue) to make various shapes of flowers, pinwheels, and garlands. Everyone was so complimentary of the decorations. We mixed in roses and red ribbon, which seemed appropriate for February. The cake was made by the incredible folks at The Painted Cupcake.

I think this theme would work for almost any kind of party--from the more obvious Teacher Appreciation Week event (in fact, some of the garlands were recycled for a Teacher Appreciation party later that week!), to a graduation, a book publishing party, a book club meeting, or even a wedding/engagement event for two literature lovers.  Enjoy!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Mood Board: 10th Anniversary Party Daffodils and Aluminum

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Last year, Seth and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. For a long time, we had planned on taking a trip to mark this milestone. A new-ish baby and an expensive renovation had us temper those plans, first to a party, then to a small party, and finally to a fancy dinner out. It was a special day all the same, but I sure did plan a lot for that imaginary party, and someone should benefit from that work!

My research told me that the traditional flower of the 10th anniversary is the daffodil, and the traditional gift is aluminum. I love daffodils, and I stretched the idea of aluminum to include galvanized steel. I mixed in a litlte teal because it is one of my favorite colors and it looks fantastic with yellow. Because I am a dork, I named the theme "Build Me Up, Buttercup."

1. Teal linens and yellow plates--how happy is that? (Source)
2. Who doesn't love a big washtub full of booze? I mean, a galvanized vessel filled with libations. Either way.
3. This paper flower garland in daffodil colors is so sweet, and it would take about five minutes to whip up if you have the proper hole punch.
4. I love these centerpieces made from branches, sea glass, and yellow flowers. Tissue flowers would work well here to glue to the branches.
5. Daffodil cake pops!
6. Jellybeans in daffodil candy cups. So simple and sweet.
And finally, in my googling for daffodil/buttercup inspiration, I came across this stunning table styled by P.Allen Smith for Tobi Fairley's blog. I mean, have you ever seen such perfection? I would love to treat my guests to brunch underneath floating buttercup bouquets.

Looking at these images again has half-convinced me that I still need to have this party some day. Until then, enjoy! Pin It