Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time for Tea! Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party

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I had so much fun at the cutest tea party in the history of tea parties on Sunday.

We were inspired by Alice in Wonderland, with a little Through the Looking Glass thrown in for good measure. My talented sister made the cupcakes and cookies, and Niki from Stella Dolce Photography
captured everything just perfectly.

Tea table. All you need are clocks, cupcakes, and colorful flowers.
Bunnies and the Queen of Hearts' tarts.

Dessert table under a tree hung with teacups and skeleton keys.

Mini cupcakes, mushroom cake pops, flower cupcakes, cookies, meringues. 
Detail of cookies. Mmm!

Mushroom cake pops.

Our little tea partiers.

Giggly girls.
Tweedle Dee.

The white rabbit and her favorite cookie.

The Cheshire Cat prefers mini cupcakes.

Our little Queen of Hearts and her tart.
The Mad Hatter (with his buddy, the March Hare) checks out the cookies.

Lemonade (one of the kiddos did drink actual tea!).

Penny decides she loves tea.

Flamingo croquet!

Or Flamingo jousting!

Alice peers Through the Looking Glass.
Bye bye from Wonderland!

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