Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Who's on First?"

Callum's Baseball First Birthday

Pin It On a sunny day in May, we gathered to celebrate Callum's first birthday. Callum is his parents' first boy, and after three years of girliness from his older sister, they were excited to have a bit of a "dude's" birthday party for Callum. Callum's dad loves baseball, particularly the Chicago Cubs, so I was really excited to create a little Cubs-inspired logo and party for Cal.

My biggest projects for this party were the baseball lanterns and the pinstriped backdrop, both of which I did by hot-gluing yarn to things. Of course, after hours of gluing (not to mention several finger burns), I found these online. Boo. Oh well, I maintain that homemade is almost always cuter; plus, we had a nice variety of sizes.

Now I want MY own custom logo!

You have no idea how little baseball terminology I know. Thank goodness for Wikipedia.

Callum's parents had just moved to their new house out in the country, and I mean, come on. Could this little picture look any more idyllic? It is so beautiful and pastoral that it almost looks like a fake backdrop. Who knew a shed could be so adorable? That wooden crate under the lemonade dispenser is actually something Kara found in the barn.

Callum's mom used the logo I'd created to make iron-on shirts for the family. How cute is Cal's big sister, Camilla?

Happy Birthday, sweet Callum! Thanks for letting me share it with you!

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  1. You did a fantastic job! I know nothing about baseball either but I love those lanterns. x

  2. Just curious...are you using this again? Can I purchase anything from you? Thanks 714-815-0053