Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dean's Dance Party

A Rock and Roll Second Birthday

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Whew, it's good to finally post some pictures of what I've been up to these last few months! The spring has come and (almost) gone, and it has been a whirlwind!

Dean, my youngest, turned two in April (don't get me started on how quickly that flew by! My baby!). Like most two year olds, he loooooves to dance. We figured it only made sense to give him a dance party for his birthday celebration!

Microphone Cake Pops!

Let's look a little closer at those, since they took me 2342 hours (that I didn't get paid for!):

The bases are sawed-off cake cones, dipped in black candy melts. This is about a 234-step process. I do not recommend it to anyone, ever. But they were cute! And very crunchy. Not sure how they tasted with all that business going on.

The cupcakes, however, were both cute AND delicious. My talented sister made them, and she applied little glittery fondant disco balls to the tops.

Y'all know I can't just put food out without some ridiculous, themed sign to go with it.

Favors were echo microphones from the Target dollar zone.

Ah, remember when Mommy made you a birthday shirt, and you immediately tried to rip all of the stuff off of it. Yeah.

Nothing says "dance party" like a chef's costume. I think he makes it work.

We drug the giant, old big screen TV out of the basement and played "Just Dance" and "Glee Karaoke" on the Wii. I'll spare you those pictures, mostly because I am in most of them.

We love you, Dean-Dean! Happy birthday, and keep on dancing!

Cupcakes: Lady Sprinkles
Photos: Katherine Sloan, KR Sloan Photography

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