Monday, September 9, 2013

Lexi's Rainbow My Little Pony Party

Pin It What's more fun than rainbows? How about rainbows, unicorns, and magical ponies? For Lexi's 4th birthday, she wanted to celebrate all things My Little Pony. Her mom and I decided to use rainbow colors as a jumping-off point, with MLP-themed activities and treats for the kids.

I love this backdrop--it's just lengths of simple crepe paper streamers. I taped them down at the bottom because we were outside and I didn't want them blowing around into the food, but for an inside party, you could leave them loose. At the top of the "rainbow," I placed tissue paper pom pom clouds and rainbow colored honeycomb balls. 

One of my favorite parts of a party is coming up with a menu and thinking of themey names for the dessert. As the mom of two boys, My Little Pony was a whole new world for me. I watched a few episodes on Netflix with the boys in preparation for this party. We all really enjoyed it--it was like a whole new mythology to learn. I double-checked all names and activities with Lexi's mom, just to make sure I wasn't violating some My Little Pony code or anything. 

We had Apple Jack's farm fresh fruit, Fluttershy's bunny snacks (veggie cups), Rainbow Dash's Cloudsdale sandwiches (PB&J in cloud shapes!), Twilight Sparkle's Friendship is Magic cookies (sugar cookies iced with "cutie mark" designs), and Pinkie Pie's balloon cake pops. Lexi's mom scattered mini MLP figurines from "blind bags" around the table for extra decoration.

To quench the August thirst, we offered lemonade and water for the kids, some beer for any adults who wanted it. We dressed up the table with a rainbow tassel garland and some rainbow-colored poms hanging in the trees. Ice pops are a must for August outdoor birthdays. 

We kept the activities pretty simple, as it was a hot day, and the kids preferred to splash around in the pool for most of the party. I turned a slip-n-slide into a "Wonderbolt Academy Obstacle Course" with some pool noodles bent into rainbows. I tied strips of vinyl tablecloth to each archway for a little added fun. We had some pegasus wings up for grabs, and a decorate-your-own-unicorn-horn station--made with paper cones with ribbons woven through them, and some stick-on jewels to choose from.

I made a Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony game by painting a mark-less pony on a big sheet of drawing paper and taping it to a magnetic dry erase board. Then I used my button maker (which also makes magnets) to make some Cutie Mark magnets. The kiddos had fun trying to pin them.

Happy Birthday, Lexi! Thank you for letting me share your magical, colorful birthday with you!

Styling, decorations, activities, cake pops: Smarty Parties
Photography: Stella Dolce Photography
Cutie Mark Cookies: Lady Sprinkles Pin It