Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Smart and Sassy Science Party

Pin It I had so much fun styling this bright and beautiful science-themed party for a sweet (and smart!) seven-year-old girl over the weekend.

I designed her name banner to resemble elements of the periodic table. The significance of the "7" is that it's her seventh birthday! The significance of each "element"? I have no idea. I am your stereotypical English major, I'm afraid. The backdrop is a sheet of foamcore covered with aqua fabric (I bought a sheet set specifically for this party--it was actually less expensive than buying yardage of aqua fabric, and I thought it would look better than painting the foamcore). The lettering is Cricut's "Short Stuff" font from the Extreme Fonts cartridge, and I cut the big Erlenmeyer flask freehand, with one-inch and one-half-inch hole punch "bubbles."

We went with simple orange- and aqua-frosted cupakes, with a special fondant sculpture inspired by the birthday girl. The cupcakes and fondant work are by the talented ladies at Nashville Sweets.

The rest of the dessert table was chemically inspired. Molecular gum, crystallized sucrose (rock candy), potential energy pellets (Nerds and Jelly Bellies) and (not pictured) molecular chocolate (blue sixlets). I filled labware and other science-y shaped glass bottles with colored water just for a little extra color.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me working on this atomic mobile. I think it came together nicely--it's just spraypainted Dollar Tree hula hoops, zip ties, and balloons! I wanted to make two, but thunderstorms kept me from getting outside to spray paint the night before the party. I thought it looked pretty cool hanging over the kids' table:

Each place setting had a pair of goggles, and in the middle of the table were some foam letters, stickers and jewels, with instructions to customize them.

I created  a little photo booth for the guests/"future scientists," with another backdrop, a lab coat, some wacky oversize glasses, test tubes filled with colored water, and the hosts' own fabulous vintage chair, which was conveniently within our color scheme.

For drinks, we had Citric Acid Solution (lemonade) and H2O (well, even I know what that is) labeled to coordinate with the theme. Speaking of this theme, I had the idea of molecular models in my head, and I was delighted to find that I could make a number 7 out of "molecules." This little design sort of became the party's logo and inspired a lantern-and-dowel version, pictured below.

I had planned to make a few of these and hang them, when we had planned to have the party outside. However, the rain drove the party inside, where there were no handy hooks and nails, just lovely white walls that I was afraid to damage. But I think the "molecular seven" looks pretty awesome in this window, if I do say so myself.

The guests were entertained by someone from Mr. Bond and the Science Guys, and I myself learned a lot about dry ice from her presentation.
My talented friend Niki had left at this point, so I snapped this blurry pic with my iPhone.

Little scientists took home their goggles and a test tube full of candy from the dessert table.

Excuse the hurried iPhone photo here.
This party was stylish and smart, two things that Smarty Parties always aims for. I really enjoyed it, and I think the birthday girl did, too!

Photography: Stella Dolce Photography, except where noted
Party planning and styling: Smarty Parties
Cupcakes: Nashville Sweets
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  1. What an adorable party. Love the bold bright colours, and the Scientist sitting on the cupcake is simply adorable. The photo booth idea is a lot of fun too :-)